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 The Jeff Campbell Team


Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell, REALTOR®

Jeff's career as a Real Estate Professional began in 2002 with a move from a success in owning three restaurants. Jeff has a passion for serving and assisting his clients. He specializes in helping people market and sell their homes. He is the team leader, mentor, trainer, marketing guru and oversees the business.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  It is exciting to assist my clients in getting the most money and best terms on their sale! I love coming up with fresh new ideas to market a home and making it all come together quickly & easily.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  I really enjoy helping people, whether it is providing advice, giving up to date market information, or helping them get their home sold.

Why do you host The Jeff Campbell Team community events?  I love giving back. We live in a vibrant and fun city and I want to be a contributing part of it. Strengthening the family is very important to me so providing an opportunity for my family and families in our community is rewarding to me.

Just for fun:  Jeff has 5 Hole In One's!!! Favourite pizza topping: Pepperoni; Favourite movies: Star Wars; Dream vacation: Australia; Favourite board game: Monopoly


Sam Askar

Sam Askar, REALTOR®

Sam is married and has two beautiful boys. He graduated university with a Bachelor of Economics and has been in the Real Estate industry since 2004. Born and raised in Lebanon, Sam speaks Arabic and English fluently.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  Meeting new people every day, and getting to know them on a personal level. Every person I meet becomes a new friend and there’s no rewarding feeling better than the joy of helping a friend.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  Being a Real Estate Agent keeps me engaged with people and the thrill I get from assisting them untangling their challenges is priceless.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  I became a real estate professional to make a difference in life. Studying Economics made me realize that the housing market has a great impact on the total economy therefore, people’s livelihood. Matching the right family to the right home is a key point to a progressive society and I thrive to have an important role in it. 

Just for fun:  Spending time with my boys, swimming, reading, chess, fishing and sports; Favorite movie: Brave Heart; Favorite food: Sushi; Favorite destination: Maldives


Glenn McCormick

Glenn McCormick, REALTOR®

Glenn has been a full time Realtor since 2008. He is engaged to the love of his life, who is also his best friend. Together they have one firecracker of a boy (born July 2015) and a loving dog. Glenn loves the thrill of adventure and this has been proven by his past experiences such as dancing samba in the 2002 Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro, cycling 1500 km alone in Europe, working for a tabloid newspaper while living in England, exploring the northern climates of Iceland and Norway to the heat of Costa Rica, Cambodia and Thailand. Today, he gets his kicks through his passion for obstacle and endurance racing, having just completed his first ultra-marathon in September 2016 and has his eye on doing another two or three in 2017. Glenn approaches helping clients with the same conviction and drive as he displays in his races; never giving up, pushing as hard as he can, and settling for nothing less than complete satisfaction.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  Regardless of how challenging some transactions can be, I always feel like I come out ahead due to the level of satisfaction my clients feel when they finally move in to their new home. Positive feelings are contagious and I love to share the joy in those moments.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  While I enjoy the work itself; showing buyer’s houses, negotiating the best price and terms, helping people get the most for their home, etc - the most rewarding thing about this profession is simply building and nurturing relationships. Everyone has their own intriguing life story, and I'm blessed to be able to play a tiny, but positive role in a chapter of that tale.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  My brother convinced me to try it out when he saw the potential I had for the profession. I'm no social savant but I've always had a talent for communication with people from all backgrounds. The job offers me plenty of challenges and opportunities and that keeps me pretty happy.

Just for fun:  Favourite Food: Steak; Favourite movie: The Big Lebowski; Racing goal: Bigfoot 200 (200 mile point-to-point race); Dream travel destinations: Greenland, Antarctica; Music: Iron Maiden; Team Sport: Hockey: Other interests: Writing


Sonia Ebanks

Sonia Ebanks, REALTOR®

Sonia has been a licensed Real Estate Professional since 1998 and a top producing Realtor for many years. Sonia has extensive experience and training and excels in supporting her clients whether they are buying or selling real estate, first time home buyers or residential investors. Her focus is always to inform, educate and assist her clients and to always meet or exceed their expectations.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  I really enjoy the independence I have and the opportunity to help others achieve their dream of owning a home that suits them. I love meeting people from all walks of life and the feeling that I am doing something of value.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  I enjoy partnering with my clients and helping through the process of a major decision and quite possibly the largest financial transactions in life – buying a home or selling a home. Even more rewarding are the smiles and appreciation I receive when I hand over their keys to their new home, or inform my clients that their property is sold.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  Throughout my career I had always been involved in sales management, training and recruitment. However, many of my roles included national and international travel away from home which was becoming increasingly difficult for me as a single mother and I was looking for a change in career. I had always had a passion for homes and making them as beautiful as I could no matter where I lived so it was exciting for me to contemplate a career in real estate. In 1998 I took the plunge and have never look back since - I love what I do and I love sharing my passion with my clients.

Just for fun:  Favourite ice cream: rum and raisin; Spending time with my granddaughter, interior decorating, organizing; Childhood aspiration: Fashion Designer


David Hansen

David Hansen, REALTOR®

Born and raised in Calgary, David has been involved with all aspects of Real Estate for the past 11 years. Over those years, he has developed his skills in all areas of Residential real estate. His experience and knowledge of the city and its history gives him a unique perspective on the market. With experience in new home sales and specializing in first time home buyers, David enjoys helping and educating people with all their real estate needs.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  I genuinely love helping people! I don't consider myself a salesperson, but rather an educator. When I purchased my first home many years ago, I learned a lot of critical lessons about purchasing a home - AFTER purchasing. Now that I am in a position to help others purchase a home where they will be raising their family, I want to make sure they get the most positive and valuable experience possible.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  That's easy, the look of satisfaction on my clients' face. The most rewarding aspect of being a realtor is being able to provide the best possible experience. Buying a home is a huge decision for many people, and I want to make sure they make the right decision. By educating them and providing the most up to date, relevant information, my goal is to exceed my clients' expectations and make their real estate experience as enjoyable as possible.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  At the beginning of my career, I always had the mentality of helping people by offering them the best knowledge possible. It is so rewarding to see a family move into their first home and raise their family and I am blessed to have friends from all walks of life in all parts of the city. A great deal of satisfaction comes from sharing my knowledge and helping people find their 'perfect' home.

Just for fun:  I enjoy reading books of professional development, playing soccer, and spending time with my family. Enjoying a balanced life is at the heart of my core beliefs. Cooking food is also a passion, I enjoy all styles of cuisine especially Italian (who doesn't love pizza!?) Favorite movie: The Rock. My childhood aspiration: Inventor (I got a lot of ideas!)


David Boudreault

David Boudreault, REALTOR®

David is excited to bring over eight years management experience in the hospitality industry to his career in real estate. Thriving on challenges and reaching (exceeding) new goals, David is passionate about customer service helping clients achieve theirs. Never satisfied with mediocrity and staying in the same place, you can be sure you'll get one hundred percent effort from him every time!

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  Working with a team that helps clients to realize their real estate goals is exactly where I want to be.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  Taking what can be seen as a complicated process and simplifying it for my clients is a great feeling. Knowing they are completely satisfied and happy with their decisions is extremely rewarding.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  I take pride in helping people! The opportunity to help people with one of the biggest decisions in their lives, navigating them through the process of buying and selling a home and making what can be an overwhelming and stressful experience into a simple and enjoyable one is something I love to do!

Just for fun:  Very passionate about winter sports, which makes Calgary my ideal home. When I'm not at work you're likely to find me snowboarding or playing hockey.


Alex Rastandjaja

Alex Rustandjaja, REALTOR®

Alex is originally from Indonesia and had worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years prior to joining the real estate industry in 2016. Working along with people with diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds has been the major part of his life where he has worked in Indonesia, Canada, Middle East and USA.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  Meeting and helping people daily, the challenge to fulfill client’s needs which is always unique for each individual or couple.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  Helping people to achieve their goals in buying their dream home and at the same time assisting people to sell their home with as little stress as possible.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  With my experience in buying and selling my own properties I have a great appreciation of the professionalism of Real Estate Agents and that is why I became a Real Estate Professional.

Just for fun:  I love reading History and Biography. Favorite food: sushi, steak, ice cream, chocolate. My childhood aspiration: to be a diplomat.


Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold, REALTOR®

Matthew recently began his career in real estate, However has been successful in the business of outside sales for over 12 years. Matthew has worked with manufacturers and distributors of foodservice products and consumer packaged goods for some of the largest brands in Canada.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  I love working with people! The greatest accomplishment is to help someone find a home of their dreams and then negotiate a great deal.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  I’m always learning something new. It could be new technology or new marketing ideas but the fact that i’m always learning is great. Its also great to always meet new people and make new friends along the way.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  I have always enjoyed talking with people about their needs and how I can help them and I love a good challenge. Being a Real Estate Professional lets me help people with what might be the biggest financial decision of their lives.

Just for fun:  When I’m not helping people find their dream home I can be found exploring the beautiful Alberta landscape with my family or maybe doing a home renovation. My favourite food is grilled crab legs. My favourite vacation destination is France. My childhood aspiration - Astronaut.


Michael Smith

Michael Smith, REALTOR®

Michael began his career in Real Estate in 2002 working with a well known Calgary builder. Since then Michael has remained a top performer throughout his career thanks to a simple approach of getting to really know the client and asking the right questions. Always happy to get into details on the finer point of a home, he encourages his clients to ask to their hearts content!

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  It’s a lot of fun! It’s the people, the huge variety of options of homes, the uniqueness of every situation, The feeling you get when you just help make someone’s dream a reality. I basically just love all of it!

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  That moment where everything comes together for a client and the look and sheer excitement on their face. Its truly a natural high that I just can’t get enough of!

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  Initially it was by accident. I took a role as a sales associate with a new home builder because it was good pay for the hours. It wasn’t long before I realized I had stumbled upon my true passion! I feel blessed to be able to do what I love each and every day!

Just for fun:  A few drinks and some board games with friends is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night! I am a huge movie buff and can quote an unreasonable amount of them if so provoked, though I don’t think I’d be able to pick a favorite. Mostly I just love learning. I just can’t get enough and always love pushing myself to new heights! My Childhood aspirations: To be a fighter pilot.


Stefanie Davidson

Stefanie Davidson, REALTOR®

Stefanie moved to Calgary with her family when she was a child and has now started her own family with her 2 little girls she is very proud of. Stefanie started in Real Estate when she was 19 years old, selling Real Estate for Private investors that renovated and resold homes throughout Calgary. For over 15 years, she has both professionally and personally worked in most aspects of Real Estate including as a licensed Mortgage Broker, Selling, Purchasing, Investor(Flipping) and Private Lender. She has helped many people into home ownership as well as reach their Real Estate Investment goals. Stefanie’s wealth of knowledge and expertise is a great asset to have on your team.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  No two days are the same. Everyday I wake up and never know what to expect from my day. I could be helping my clients buy their first home or helping my client sell numerous properties because their next step is buying a building. Each deal is as exciting as the other.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  Getting to know my client’s goals and helping them achieve them. The people are what makes Real Estate fun and rewarding to me. Learning what my client’s needs and negotiating the best deal Possible.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  Real Estate has been my passion since I was 19 and possibly even before that. My dad was a builder and my mom sold real estate. Having the entrepreneurial spirit and growing up around real estate, it was the most obvious choice.

Just for fun:  I love the outdoors and staying active with my family. From skiing to camping, there’s not much we don’t get up to. I love to dance and I am also a huge music fan. I enjoy going to concerts and festivals and I usually have music playing.


Justin Becker

Justin Becker, REALTOR®

Justin has been involved in the real estate industry since 2005. As a highly versatile and on the go guy, the career is a perfect fit for him. Justin has extensive training and experience working with buyers and sellers and strives to achieve a very high level of customer service and satisfaction. He takes pride in keeping his clients informed and assisting with all their real estate needs.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  The profession is ever-evolving and challenging. Being a Real Estate Professional  keeps me on my toes and introduces use of new technologies. I like that it provides a constant flow of new friends, new adventures and opportunities to grow.

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  I enjoy meeting new people and helping them make an informed decision on one of their biggest purchases in life. I share the excitement of my clients when they find the house that’s right for them.

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  I've always been interested in real estate and investing in real estate. I started working as an assistant for a team of agents and really enjoyed my work. It was only natural for me to take the next step, become a Real Estate Professional and put my experience to work.

Just for fun:  Favourite sport: Hockey; Favourite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip; Childhood aspiration: Cartoonist


Brad White

Brad White, REALTOR® - General Sales Manager

Brad began his real estate career in 1997 in Fort McMurray. Over the past twenty years he has been active in many areas if the industry, both as an Agent, a Team Leader and as a Broker/Owner. Some of his experience includes new home sales, land sales and property management. Brad is the General Sales Manager for the Jeff Campbell Team.

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Professional?  I love working with people! Real estate is both a people business and a team sport. Every day I have the pleasure of interacting with our team members, our clients, and other industry professionals. What more could I ask for?

What do you find most rewarding about being a Real Estate Professional?  In the big picture, real estate is foundational to civilization as a whole. On a micro level, it meets one of the most basic need of every member of our society. Real estate is where our businesses operate, our schools educate, medical professionals heal, charities assist and people of faith congregate to worship. It shapes our neighborhoods, houses our families and provides a place for friends and loved ones to connect. The true value of real estate cannot be overestimated because it meets the needs of people and contributes to their happiness and success. All this makes my job very important - I like that!

Why did you become a Real Estate Professional?  When we were bought our first home in the early nineties, I was surprised by all of what was involved in purchasing real estate. It was a lot more complicated than I had imagined it to be. Fortunately, it was a good experience because we had the assistance of a great real estate agent. This experience eventually led me to my choosing this career.

Just for fun:  When I’m not working it’s usually family time. If there’s time I like golf, skiing and scuba diving. I have too many favourite movies to name one; Favourite Food: I love Asian food; My childhood aspiration - Marine Biologist.


Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campbell, Administrative Manager

Carrie handles the special marketing and administrative tasks for the team. She is dedicated to assisting Jeff with his extensive marketing plan. She brings years of administrative and marketing experience to the team.

What do you find most rewarding about working for the team?  It is rewarding to work on a project and see it all come together in the end. I like to apply my skills and ideas and have them come across in our marketing plan or in a project.

What is your favourite Jeff Campbell Team Event?  I absolutely love the Pumpkin Give-a-Way. It is so cool to see all the families in the park picking their pumpkin. It is pretty amazing that one little pumpkin can create such excitement for adults and kids!

Just for fun:  Favourite movie: The Sound of Music; Dream vacation: Maldives; Favourite food: Hot Dogs


Trish Salatino

Trish Salatino, Client Care Co-ordinator

Trish is a customer service professional! She is dedicated to attending to all the many administrative tasks. Her efforts are focused on providing service to past, present and future clients entering and maintaining listings, updating the client database, maintaining The Jeff Campbell Team websites, and preparing the monthly e-mail newsletter. She is always cheerful, excited and ready to help you!

How did you become interested in becoming a real estate assistant?  I worked with an International Real Estate Speaker as their promoter and fell in love with the business.

What do you find most rewarding about your position?  Supporting the team by handling all the background details so our clients have a smooth experience in selling or purchasing their home!

Just for fun:  Favourite book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night; Childhood aspiration: Airline Flight Attendant; Favourite movie: The Blind Side


Other Members of the Team

  • My Visual Listings are dedicated to taking professional photographs and virtual tours of your home for the Jeff Campbell Team.
  • The staff at Century 21 Bravo Realty - Century 21 Bravo Realty has a full time Transaction Coordinator that manage all the transactions from the initial offer until the time it closes. The Transaction Coordinator works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation by conveying paper work between lawyers, mortgage agents, and Real Estate Professionals.
  • Showing Coordinators at Call to View - Arrange showings for between the listing client and the agent wishing to show. They actively seek feedback from agents and report back to the team with all feedback. 


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